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Game Launcher.

Have you lost track of all the game clients and launchers? And the games as well?
Then you definitely need another game launcher!

Your Universal Game Launcher

Main Features

Beautify Your Library

Switch between beautifully designed views for your games library. You beloved games deserve it.

Visual DOSBox Frontend

Setup, install and configure all your good old DOS Games visually with the Launcher Profile for the DOSBox Emulator.

Organize Your Games

Organize & categorize all your games & software, add genres, tags, documents, images and Information.

100% Local

No internet connection needed. No tracking, no store front, just your games.

Launch Everything

Connect any executable on your pc with the Launcher. And launch it.

Launcher Profiles

Simply select the profile for your game: DOSBox, ScummVM, Steam, GOG, Epic.

One Launcher For All Your Modern And Old Games!

Beautiful Game Views

In addition to the standard grid view, there are other beautifully designed views to always present your games in the right way. Grids, carousel, tables, galleries. You beloved games deserve it.

Visual Emulator Configuration

It’s easier than ever to get your old DOS games running with the DOSBox emulator. Mount drives, manage config files, special install mode and much more. All in a visual way. Completely included in the free version.

Easy Organize Your Games

Easily management of your games through powerful filters and bookmarks. Tag a game with “Must play” and bookmark the tag. You’ll never forget what you want to play next.

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Who Needs This Launcher?

The Hurry One

You don’t want to see the latest offers and a store front first? You don’t want to update the damn client first? You just want to start your game? Now? Then the Universal Game Launcher is your friend.

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The Archaeologist

Found that old DOS game on a dusty floppy disk or a rusty CD-ROM and can’t get it to run on your modern PC? The Universal Game Launcher helps you to configure, install and start your game using DOSBox. Mount drives, mount ISOs, select start parameters – all visually and easily without having to fiddle around with the console or config files.
For configuring DOSBox games, Universal Game Launcher is the best choice.

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The Collector

Do you have a huge game collection? You want to categorize and catalog them meticulously?
Would you like to see all your games at a glance?
You want to quickly see how many flight simulations you have? How many fantasy roleplaying games? How many point & click adventures with a female protagonist?
The Universal Game Launcher will help you.

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The Forgetful

Which game did I have on Steam and which one on GOG? Or was it on the Epic Store? What games have I finished? And what the hell was I going to play next?
With Universal Game Launcher’s flexible filters and tags, you’ll never lose track again.

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The Careful One

Don’t want to be tracked? Don’t care about stats and achievements? Don’t want to know how much time you’ve sunk into a game? Don’t want your client to send everything out into the world? Don’t care what your friends play? Then the Universal Game Launcher is the right choice.

If you start a DRM game from Steam, Origin or Epic, you have to log in to the respective client. Then you will probably be tracked. But never from the Universal Game Launcher.

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The Transparent Gamer

You always want your friends to see what you play? You want all your actions to be tracked? Do you want to see statistics about your playing time and type of game? Are you a hunter for achievements and collectibles from the various clients? Then the Universal Game Launcher is not for you. We don’t track anything.

The Config File Enthusiast

Are you a DOSBox professional? Do you have your own config file for each game? Do you basically do everything via the DosBox console? Then the Universal Game Launcher might be too convenient for you. Of course you can still try it. Because we also have something nice for you: Link individual config files to each DOSBox game.

The Comfortable One

Don’t feel like creating and categorizing your games manually? We can understand that. Unfortunately, we don’t have a “Find all games on my hard drive and categorize them the way I want them to be” yet. But we are working on it.

The Humble One

You use no or only one client? Are you exclusively on Steam or GOG or Epic? And you have no more games to start? Then we can’t think of any reason why you should use the Universal Game Launcher. Unless you want to make us happy.

Ok, But What Makes This Launcher So Outstanding?

Well, the launchers on the market are all pretty good. You can add games from one library to another and vice versa. You can add executables from your computer. You can sync anything. Perfect. Perfect?

What about that one DOS game from 1993? This is not listed on Steam or GOG. This is physically on a CD-ROM on the table in front of you. What now? No chance of getting this game to work using Steam or GOG clients.

This is where the advantage of the Universal Game Launcher comes into play.
Because the tool was originally developed as a frontend for DOSBox to be able to manage and start all our DOS games in a modern way.

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Free or Pro? Select Your Version.


  • All 6 Launcher Profiles
  • Add 50 Games
  • Save Filter as Bookmark
  • Add 5 Bookmarks
  • Export Games
  • Full DOSBox Features
  • Basic Game View


  • All Free Features
  • Add Unlimited Games
  • Add Unlimted Bookmarks
  • Add Unlimited Tags
  • Import Games
  • Advanced Game Views
  • Game View Customization
  • Add Documents & Images

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