Under Review

For all those who do not want to manually add their entire Steam library game by game in the Universal Game Launcher – including us – there should be an importer.

Same thing as Steam Importer. We don’t want to add everything manually. An importer should do that. At least the games that are installed via GOG Galaxy on the PC.

Depending on the profile (Steam, GOG, DOSBox, etc.), the screenshot folders should be included and displayed in the detail view (Yes, exactly. The detail view that doesn’t exist yet.). That sure would be cool.

We’d love to support more emulators (Mini vMac, WinUAE, VICE, etc.) or source ports (GZDoom, EDuke32, etc.) as game profiles to make setup as easy as with our DOSBox profile. We’ll see what’s possible.

There are some performance issues with 500+ items to render. It slows down loading, scrolling and filtering. We want to improve that.

Planed or in Development

A new view is under development to give you the look and feel of an Excel spreadsheet. In beautiful.

Phew, so many tags… .The tag lists should be filterable. We plan to add an input field to filter the tag list in the edit view and filter popover.

From the game view you should be able to go to a nice detail view where all the information, documents and images of a game are displayed and accessible … like in all the other launchers and clients.

Support for more languages. Prise en charge de plus de langues. Unterstützung für weitere Sprachen. Soporte para más idiomas. … .

We’d like to improve one thing about the ScummVM profile: let the user select the damn GameID from a list or search box instead of having them search the web themselves. Sorry for that.