The Universal Game Launcher is a lightweight alternative game launcher to store-bound clients like Steam, GOG Galaxy or Epic Games Launcher and other tools like LaunchBox or D-Fend.

With this tool, you can organize your games and applications, list them neatly and in a modern way, and connect them to an executable file on your PC to start them directly.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the other launchers. With some, I was annoyed that the first thing I saw was a shop and advertising. With some I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, some just looked too much like 1998. With some tools I couldn’t add my old DOS games.
And so I thought: I’ll do it myself.

First I wanted to develop a tool to visually configure my DOS games via DOSBox, to display the games in a modern way and to be able to start them with one click. Then came the other Game Profiles, then the Organize features, then more Views, and so on.

And now we have another launcher. The universal game launcher.