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Open the input window

To add a new game, click on the plus symbol in the upper toolbar.

The input window for a new game then opens.

Minimal requirements

The minimum requirements to save a new game are entering the title and selecting a profile.
By default the DOSBox profile is selected.

Specify the path to the executable

In order to be able to start a game or an application from the launcher, you still have to specify the path to the executable file (EXE). To do this, you can drag the file directly onto the dashed field using the File Explorer. Alternatively, you can select the file using the file selector by clicking the dashed field or enter the path using the pencil symbol.

Notice: Profile specific differences

Depending on the profile selected, this can differ.
In the ScummVM profile you have to specify the path to the game folder instead of the executable file. In the GOG profile you have to specify the path to the game GOG launcher link.
You can find more information in the posts about the profiles.

Save the game

You can now add additional information about the game as you wish. E.g. a cover image, genre, tags (Pro), documents (Pro) or additional information (Pro).

To save the new game, use the save button in the top toolbar.