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Set the default path to your ScummVM application

If you want to configure and start games via ScummVM using the Universal Game Launcher, the path to the ScummVM application file (EXE) is required. You can store this globally for all games with a ScummVM profile in the settings.

To do this, open the settings via the left menu item Settings. In the Settings window you will find the “ScummVM Settings” area.

You can now simply drag the EXE onto the dashed field. Alternatively, you can enter the path using the pen icon.
If a path is stored, the link icon opens the corresponding folder in the Explorer.

Notice: Emulator not included

The ScummVM Emulator is not included in the Universal Game Launcher. The emulator must be downloaded separately to be used in this application.

Tip: Store the path on the game settings

Alternatively, you can store a different path for each game with a ScummVM profile. So you can decide individually for each game which ScummVM version you want to use.