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The Main Window

After the first start you’ll see an empty main window because no games are added to the library yet.

The Games Panel

The games are displayed in the right panel. Above that are the buttons for searching, opening the filter window and adding new games.

Your Game Library is Empty

If you haven’t added a game to the Universal Game Launcher library or imported any games yet, the panel will be blank. You will only see one button to add a game.

See chapter Add a Game.

Your Game Library is not Empty

If you’ve already added games to the Universal Game Launcher library, you’ll see them here.
The default view is a grid view.

Upper Toolbar

There is a toolbar above the game view. Here are buttons to search, filter and add games. If a filter is active, an additional button is displayed for adding a bookmark.
In the PRO version, additional buttons are displayed at the top right for changing the views.

The Settings & Bookmarks Panel

In the left panel you will find the menu for the settings and the bookmarks of your filters.
The first two bookmarks (All Games and Favourites) are fixed.
All others can be created, rearranged, renamed and deleted. More on this in the “Bookmarks” chapter.

The Settings

If you click on the Settings menu item, a submenu with the following items opens.

Settings Dialogue

If you click on Settings, the Settings dialog of the application opens. Here you can make basic settings:
Emulator Setings, Application Settings, Import and Export

See chapters Setting up the DOSBox Emulator, Setting up the ScummVM Emulator, Setting up Background Images on the Game Views, Import Games, Export Games

Check for Update Dialogue

If you click on Check for updates, the Auto Updater dialog opens. Here it is checked whether a new version is available. If this is the case, you can update the application.
What about your slogans “No Tracking” and “No Internet Connection Needed”?
Yes, caught. When checking for an update, an Internet connection is required and we ask GitHub whether there is a new version. But you don’t have to do it. A request is only sent when you click on the “Check for update” menu item

If an update is available, this will be shown to you.
By clicking on the Update button, the current version of the Universal Game Launcher is downloaded and installed.

Support Dialogue

You can find information about our support options in the support dialog.

If you find an error or want to give us feedback, you can always use our integrated feedback tool.
To access it, press the keyboard shortcut ALT+Y.


Under the settings you will find the list of bookmarks. The first two are pinned and cannot be edited.

All Games lists all your games. This bookmark resets the current filter or the filter set by another bookmark.
Favourites lists all games that you have marked as favorites. You can do this when adding or editing games.
All other bookmarks are custom bookmarks. You set them using the button in the upper toolbar. These can be edited, sorted and deleted.